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Increase the storage capacity of your iOS devices.

With daily use of your iOS devices, it's normal to end up with less storage capacity over time, and unfortunately you can't extend the disk space, so it never hurts to have the help of an application like iFreeUp.

iFreeUp is a powerful tool for your computer, allowing you to manage the content on your iOS devices. With this fantastic application you can not only transfer important files from your iOS to the hard drive of your computer, but also detect and remove junk files that accumulate over time, delete large files and prevent leakage of privacy by shredding those deleted files in such a way that they can never be recovered later.

iFreeUp not only serves to remove unnecessary files or those that you no longer wish to keep on your iPod, iPhone or iPad. It can also be used to back up those private files you want to keep, such as photos, music, videos, books, applications or important data.

By removing unnecessary files and freeing up space, your iOS devices will function more smoothly, which will improve their response speed when opening any applications, apps and games. Therefore, iFreeUp is a good option to consider whenever you want to take full advantage of your iPhone, iPod or iPad. What are you waiting for to download iFreeUp? It's free.


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